Footwear Recycling: Loughborough University


With an eye to sustainability, Bata Innovation Lab is considering ways of applying the work of Loughborough University professor, Dr. Shahin Rahimifard to our footwear. Dr. Rahimifard has developed a technology to recycle old shoes along with some of the materials that are by-products of shoe manufacturing.

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Footwear companies around the world produce approximately 17 billion pairs of shoes annually, most of which end up as landfill. Actively reclaiming these materials for reuse is meaningful from an environmental perspective. Bata, the world’s first global shoe company, aims to become a leader in this sector. Partnering with Dr. Rahimifard would be an exciting means of investigating how used footwear could be recycled into cost-effective shoes for people in developing countries.

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Less landfill would mean a healthier world for everyone. And well-made shoes at a value-conscious price would make Bata footwear accessible to people in emergent nations.

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