Appreciating the crucial role data plays in product development, BIL has a history of turning to the experts. One such expert is i-generator, an innovative consultancy service with whom we have previously partnered to evaluate the fit and comfort of our footwear.

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Offering a complete range of product creation services from market assessment to innovation planning, product design to factory sourcing since 2000, i-generator has worked with Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, SCOTT and others to take new product concepts from ideation to production. There may be opportunity for Bata to collaborate with the firm again, both wear-testing product and on concept development as applied to a range of our brands.

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The design revisions that emerged from BIL’s collaboration with i-generator resulted in footwear with beefed-up style, comfort and durability for consumers. We have no doubt that the result of any future work with the firm would be just as impressive.

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