With an unwavering commitment to comfort, the Bata Innovation Lab is always on the lookout for relevant innovation, so we’re excited about the integration of Insolia® Heels into Bata footwear.

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Founded by podiatrist and biomechanics expert Dr. Howard Dananberg, HBN Shoe LLC develops and manufactures the Insolia® family of products, including Insolia Heels. This component, when integrated into women’s shoes with heels of 45mm and more, shifts weight off the forefoot to reduce pressure by 30%. And there’s more good news for high-heel wearers, Insolia Heels also reduces oxygen demand while walking by 25% and increases wear time by a factor of three.

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A benefit to the woman on the go, Insolia Heels are built into heeled footwear to improve biomechanics, comfort, gait, weight distribution, balance, posture and stability.

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