University of Toronto: 3D Printed Soles


The future is now! Here in the 21st century, Dr. Matt Ratto of the University of Toronto is using 3D printing to create customized orthotics. Interested in determining the viability of implementing small-scale 3D printing projects for use at retail, BIL has been in discussions with Dr. Ratto.

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Having successfully used several types of 3D printers to make custom orthotics, Dr. Ratto could make an excellent partner for Bata as we investigate offering 3D printing at the retail level. In-store printing would give the shopper an exciting opportunity to fine-tune orthotics like insoles and sockliners in terms of both form (colour and texture, for instance) and function.

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The fun of in-store 3D printing would provide a unique shopping experience. And the end result, a customized orthotic, would offer heightened comfort to the consumer.

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