University of Toronto: Indoor GPS


Committed to bringing technology to footwear, BIL is working to identify ways of incorporating University of Toronto research professor, Dr. Shahrokh Valaee’s, cutting-edge GPS system, functional in an indoor environment, into Bata products.

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Currently, GPS is only offered for outdoor use at the consumer level. Dr. Valaee’s invention changes that. Not only is his GPS useable indoors, which dovetails neatly with Google’s recent launch of indoor maps, but it operates at multiple elevations, including below the earth’s surface. This technology would enable Bata Industrials and the mining industry to track miner locations underground.

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It isn’t just industry that could benefit from this technology either, parents would love it too. Bubblegummers and Bata school shoes embedded with the cutting-edge GPS would allow mom and dad to track their kids’ whereabouts at all times, via a mobile app, a real aid to parental peace of mind.

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