University of Waterloo: Piezo Power Generation


The Piezo Power Generator is a sensor created by University of Waterloo professor Dr. Armaghan Salehian. This device, when embedded in footwear outsoles, generates electricity via the motion of walking. BIL has been in consultation with Dr. Salehian to assess ways in which his generator could be applied to Bata footwear.

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Offering a simple energy source capable of powering built-in electronics, the Piezo Power Generator could one day, with further development, produce enough energy to power a variety of electronic devices. There could also be a military use for the sensor, with it being applied to the heel of a military boot to power an electrocardiogram (EKG) all on its own.

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The ability to generate power and eliminate the need for batteries and external power sources would be an incredible asset to the consumer. Who wouldn’t love recharging a flagging cell phone or other electronic device just by taking a stroll?

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